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It calls upon us to bring balance and justice to those who govern and rule, and to be more humane in our own positions of authority. A Grand Fixed Cross deals with security, resources and self-worth. It calls for the fair distribution of money and assets, and for hard work to replace a victim mentality. Jennifer Lawrence won an Academy Award, only to trip over her own gown while coming onstage to accept her Oscar statue. River Phoenix, a stunning child star from an eccentric but close family, also had a Grand Cross in his chart he died of a tragic drug overdoes.

Once the initial work on separating chapters out of the chart is complete, the interpretation will begin to emerge as if by itself. By separating basic geometrical patterns and gradually working through each of them, the astrologer is able to identify key driving energies within each chapter continuously adding more details to reveal the bigger picture. The visual web of astrological aspects produces many different geometrical formations, some simple others intricate and mysterious.

Grand Cross

We are going to look at several fundamental patterns, omitting exotic, rare and complex patterns. Why not jump into the most intricate patterns? The fundamental patterns provide a solid predictable framework for chart interpretation.

This story will look into “looking at the chart”

Exotic patterns are rare, their meaning can vary greatly depending on the planets involved and several other factors. They are both complex and notoriously unreliable. A truly mature astrologer gets better and more precise results by working on simpler principles. Choosing a simpler set of tools allows for a deeper immersion and produces a more nuanced chart interpretation.


The seven fundamental aspect patterns presented below constitute the framework that allows to construct other patterns. These seven aspect patterns can be seen as the framework for understanding a complex world of fluid interactions between planetary energies. A cluster is formed by two or more planets being conjunct.

Clusters symbolise accumulations of planetary energies, the person is likely to have a strong affinity with that combination of forces and experience strong influences from those planetary energies, especially during periods of transits to that cluster. Cluster can be quite wide, sometimes spanning across a whole zodiacal sign.

The chart below illustrates differences between a loose cluster of Mars—Mercury—Saturn and a tight cluster of Venus—Moon—Jupiter. In a loose cluster the extremities are being mediated by an intermediary. Tight clusters , like Venus-Moon-Jupiter on the right, result in a much more intense interactions between energies involved. We will touch on that topic further down. Satellitium is a traditional term describing a grouping of several planets more than two in a sign, or in a house. A satellitium is several magnitudes weaker than a cluster since there is no direct connection between the planets apart from them being colocated in the same sign or house.

Thus we are certainly voting in favour of a clumsier yet more precise notion of satellitium. An opposition signifies polarity and tension between two principles or two planetary energies. In the example below, a Mars—Saturn opposition, when taken on its own, is certain to introduce significant difficulties resolving action vs reason, a need to advance vs a need to retreat.

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  4. Aspect patterns — the building blocks of astrological charts.

In other words, a typical Mars—Saturn malaise that so often results in fears and locked-up personalities. But there is help in this opposition. The easing influence of Venus softens the drama of Mars-Saturn introducing a certain element of flow. Easy oppositions provide clues that can help the person to handle inherent conflict in a creative manner that is guided by the easing planetary influence.

A T-square is a harder form of easy opposition. Crystallised sides of personality may equally work for and against the native. Square is the symbol of manifestation and the material world we live in. Having Venus equidistant from both planets may result in emotional swings. Such oscillations produce distinctly different Venus—Mars and Venus—Saturn sub personalities. The T-square is an invitation to look for potential emotional blockages that relate to the three planets involved. Once identified and felt, use the power of transits to rectify entrenched patterns. More on that further down.

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A grand cross is a combination of two T-squares. This clearly makes it a very powerful pattern that signifies astral crystallisations taken to their extremes. The example below illustrates a grand cross that is made out of two oppositions, Mars—Saturn and Mercury—Venus, and four! Grand cross is a difficult pattern that requires a good amount of time and attention in order to identify and understand multiple swings between its polarities.

The difficulty lies in the intensity of those swings. But once understood, the person gets a real advantage of being able to consciously steer their life. The grand cross passes an inconspicuous resemblance to the steering wheel. The key to success lies in owning that wheel and thus the destiny. A grand trine is made out of three planets forming three trines.

Meaning of Grand Cross in a Birth Chart in Astrology

This aspect pattern symbolises a perpetual flow. Trines are good for smoothing things out and helping to negotiate or mediate between conflicting or opposing principles. Triangles provide necessary lubrication to the chart. The big trick with the grand trine is its excessive mediation. In the example below Venus, Mars and Saturn are in constant dialogue that can go in circles infinitely long.


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Take the Self Improvement Tour. Login Help. Average: 3. Your rating: None Average: 3 2 votes. Determination Having a Grand Cross in a birth chart may bring burden to a person especially at times when challenges or problems arise mostly together in the same time. Success or failure in life With all the challenges and the frustrations from constantly dealing with them, the person with a Grand Cross on his birth chart will choose wherever path he will take.

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