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I have made understanding astrology and planetary alignment very easy for everyone. If you check out my youtube channel " KRSchannel ", you will see that my channel is not talking about your daily, weekly or yearly horoscope reading, but rather specific meaning of planetary alignments in your own horoscope; this way you can know thyself. But, when you watch a visual presentation as I give in my books and videos, you will see that astrology is a walk in the park. It doesn't matter if you are searching for "Free Vedic Astrology reading", or "Free Astrology reading", you have landed on the page that was destined for you find.

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I not only make astrology easy, but fun and entertaining. If you also check out my celebrity horoscope on Youtube, you'll know how I do astrology. But after going through many teachers and readings in my life, I understood one thing, one must find themselves through their own self-efforts and there own analysis. Because when you understand the dance of planets yourself, and the secrets they hold about this solar system, you will automatically be in tuned with their vibrations, which in actuality are radio waves hitting the earth.

On my SHOP page I have also created a brand new astrological report section where you will find the most accurate horoscope reading as in most accurate planetary alignment at the moment you were born.

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I finally found the software that gives the most accurate placement of planets based on NASA database. Sunilee Jani Pawar Jyotish prabodhini.

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  4. Recent Post by Page. Kapiel Raaj KRSchannel. It does See if a planet gives 7 or 8 points as individual score to a certain house where its debilitated, anytime that planet transits that house good things come about.

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    She is in the bhukti minor period of Venus. Because Venus occupies a nakshatra of Rahu 6degdeg00 Aquarius , it reiterates the effect of Rahu noted above. Meanwhile, Venus also delivers its own results, focusing on the Self ascendant lord and the undoing of a relationship sixth house lord. Since Venus occupies the public space of the 10th house, wherein it is hemmed by malefics on either side, her shame has become tabloid fodder.

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    Pattinson is in the dasa of Saturn. Because Saturn occupies its own nakshatra 3degdeg40 of Scorpio , it delivers its results full force. As lord of the 8th occupying the 6th, it invokes double jeopardy, primarily via loss of relationship Saturn in the 6th is 12th from the 7th.

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    He is in the bhukti of Mercury. Since Mercury occupies a nakshatra of Venus 13degdeg40 Aries , it chiefly works for Venus, which both owns and occupies the 12th, thus making loss of love the primary consequence. Viparita always involves two or more dusthana lords, and implies misfortunes followed by recovery, the proverbial cloud with a silver lining. Rahu and Ketu are tolerated as bystanders because neither own any houses that could be harmed by collateral damage.

    No other planet is involved. Venus is in its own sign and Saturn is retrograde, so this is a very powerful yoga. Bottom line is, the honeymoon is over. Welcome to the twilight zone. These two may drift for a couple of years in search of the silver lining, but eventually they will find it. Within that same period, Stewart will run Rahu-Mars April — April , thus invoking a powerful impetus for marriage, since Mars rules both the 7th and the 12th. In transiting Jupiter will leave its exaltation sign Cancer and adventure into Leo. Intrigued by Viparita Yoga?

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    Please feel free to pass the article along to any of your interested friends. But in order to have a Cancer ascendant, she needs to have been born between and PM. Meanwhile, Astrotheme.